Private Cloud

What is Private Cloud?

Cloud services are inextricably linked to IT outsourcing. Our network and our heavily secured and energy-efficient Dutch data centres are monitored 24×7 and provide up-to-date protection for your valuable business data.

Are you looking for an IT infrastructure that is scalable, flexible, secure and cost-efficient? Felton Private Cloud, built with state-of-the-art technology, gives you all of this in an integrated package. Infrastructure as a Service of the highest level. And a platform where you can offer your mission-critical applications in a secure and stable manner. This allows your users to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Without worry.

More and more organisations are choosing Felton. In contrast to commonly used public clouds, our Private Cloud offers functionalities specifically tailored to your company, which are purchased as a service. You no longer have to deal with matters such as security, management, maintenance and updates to servers and network components. At the same time, you enjoy several key benefits, such as scalability, lower costs, a transparent pricing model, high-level security and lots of room for your own working method.

Felton Private Cloud benefits:

1. Scalability and lower costs

Felton Private Cloud allows you to easily scale up or down as your need for functionality rises or drops, also in case of peak loads. The costs reflect your use exactly and will be significantly lower than what you are used to. Just compare them to what you would pay for the average public cloud. In addition, your costs are fully transparent and can be managed better. Because of this, you know exactly how things stand each month. And that’s reassuring in uncertain times.

2. Security

All your company data is protected by firewalls and other security measures that we manage ourselves. This means more grip on security and better monitoring. Both our services and our data centres comply with the strictest certifications, including ISO27001 (information security), Borg 4 (physical protection), ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management). In addition to this, our cloud is located fully on Dutch soil.

3. Freedom and flexibility

Felton Private Cloud offers more freedom and flexibility. For most public clouds, you need to conform to the configurations that are being offered, since they can only be configured to a limited degree to suit your unique business processes. At Felton you can work exactly how you want to. If you do not like being forced to work a certain way, our private cloud is the best option.

4. Total cloud-migratiesupport

When migrating to the cloud, you are not alone – Felton will help you at every step of the transition. From preparing a Cloud Readiness assessment and drawing up a cloud business case to migrating to and managing your cloud environment. Felton gives you the room to do business again with maximum flexibility, continuity and availability.

5. Maximum continuity

Felton Private Cloud is built for the best possible availability and security. We have thought of everything: from disaster recovery and back-ups to internet break-out and security. All the essential components, such as connections, power supplies, cooling and monitoring systems, have a redundant design. This means that regular maintenance does not put continuity at risk. Even a possible fault will not.

6. 7×24 fully managed

Felton Private Cloud is fully managed by our own team of highly experienced security, network and cloud professionals. We are on stand-by day and night and can be contacted 7×24.

7. Links to third parties

We also set up and manage secure connectivity links to third parties, like your own data centre or that of a partner, but also with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

8. Based on market standards

Felton Private Cloud meets the strictest data compliance and integrity requirements. Our use of technological market standards makes it easy to successfully transfer everything to a third party in case of a future exit. This is without complicated lock-in structures, so all the better for you.

Cloud Readiness assessment

Is a private cloud better than the public cloud? Not always. Depending on your specific requirements and wishes relating to security, costs and flexibility, you can make your own decisions. You may conclude that you need your own data centre.

To help you prepare a cloud roadmap, Felton offers a Cloud Readiness assessment with the aim of mapping out the current infrastructure, the target infrastructure to be developed and the route towards it. We will also explain to you what the various options are, the pros and cons of certain choices and we will map out the financial consequences for you. Our cloud infrastructure specialists will be happy to help you with this. Does this sound interesting? Contact us today.

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