ICT infrastructure

Passion for a safe ICT infrastructuur

Felton has been specialising in designing, developing and managing IT infrastructures for more than 35 years. It makes no difference whether a job is about wireless, LAN, WAN, SD-WAN or cloud, our experienced network specialists will support you in every phase.

When we talk about IT infrastructure, our heart rate goes up. On the one hand, because we understand that the IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of our customers and, on the other, because we as network engineers are passionate about everything relating to IT infrastructure. Regardless of whether it is about your network, connectivity, cloud, servers or security, you can contact Felton for the design, implementation and management of secure IT infrastructures.

Our ICT infrastructuur solution

We are constantly investing in keeping our knowledge up to date about traditional infrastructure facilities such as wireless, switching, routing, firewalls and servers, but we also have lots of experience regarding new developments such as SD-WAN, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and cloud computing. Our partners here are key manufacturers such as Cisco, HPE Aruba, Fortinet, Dell, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks and Extreme Networks.

Audit your infrastructure

In order to get a good picture of your current infrastructure and the options for modernising your infrastructure or lowering your operational costs, Felton offers the Infrastructure Audit. This audit reveals the status of both your security and your infrastructure and provides solid advice on what could be improved or corrected. Does this sound interesting? Contact us today.

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