ICT outsourcing

What is ICT outsourcing?

Do you believe that the management of your IT infrastructure is not part of your core business and/or do you have insufficient knowledge and capacity in house to guarantee the continuity and availability of your IT infrastructure? In that case, Felton IT outsourcing is the solution. If desired we can take over your people, leaving you with enough time and financial resources for your core business.

Outsourcing the management of your IT environment is becoming increasingly complex, but your organisation is increasingly dependent on a properly functioning and secure IT infrastructure. Not only does this make the management of your infrastructure and security more challenging, it makes it more important as well. . You are constantly faced with the question whether your company has sufficient in-house knowledge and capacity to guarantee the continuity and availability of your IT infrastructure.

Felton’s primary focus is insourcing your IT management over infrastructure and security, and has 15 years of experience in setting up, managing and improving IT management processes, both remotely and on site. Our customer team approach ensures that we are highly familiar with your organisation, allowing us to respond perfectly to your current working method and naturally also any future developments within your organisation.

IT is constantly changing. These changes need to be absorbed and managed properly to make your IT solutions sustainable. Felton offers a range of services that extend the lifecycle of your IT-related assets and improve the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Felton’s ICT outsourcing benefits

  • Primary workplace management, server management, network management, technical application management and cloud management.
  • Monitoring services (availability, performance, security).
  • Proactive and curative maintenance.
  • On-site or outsourced activities.
  • Performance management.

We tailor the services we provide to your specific customer needs. We do this by using the level of expertise already present, the available budget and, for example, the operational requirements (e.g. on-site maintenance, business-critical systems, resolving of performance issues, security, etc.).

By outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure and security to Felton, you will have more time and financial resources available for your own work. Clear reports, our charge-on model and KPIs ensure that you remain in control and can continue to direct IT-related matters. IT management is outsourced based on the charge-on model, so you remain in control of the costs. Felton’s ISO 27001 and 7510 certifications ensure that security and quality are guaranteed in these areas as well.

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