Trade & Logistics

Digitisation and COVID-19 are responsible for many changes in this sector. IT has become a mission-critical part of logistics chains and processes, where IT costs can rise and/or drop on a monthly basis.

For logistics and trading companies, it has now become mission-critical for IT infrastructure to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Without a secure infrastructure, no trade will be possible, lorries will not be operating and logistics processes will come to a halt. In addition to this, the protection of company-critical data and privacy-sensitive data is paramount.

The need for IT services and facilities can fluctuate quite a bit, as COVID-19 has shown us. This requires a different financial approach. Felton has developed a unique concept, where we take over part or all of the IT management at a flexible monthly rate that can rise or drop along with every change.

Make use of our expertise in the logistics sector

With good references in the logistics and trading sector, Felton is specialised in taking your IT infrastructures and security fully off your hands. Whether this involves Outsourcing, Security, Infrastructure, Architecture, Managed Services, Cloud Services or integration and migration projects, Felton will act as your partner in IT. Our services stand out due to their quality, added value, partnership and personal involvement. After all, we believe that IT should serve your organisation.

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