More and more civil affairs are being handled online. People are also using flexible workplaces more and municipalities want to give guests access to their networks, but the Municipality of the Future still has a few challenges it needs to overcome.

More devices are asking for network access, but it should remain clear who has access to what. Data leaks, both deliberate and accidental ones, are just around the corner. Municipalities in particular spend a lot of time and money on repairing data leaks. This costs local authorities millions of euros per year, according to the study by the civil servants’ journal “Binnenlands Bestuur” into the number of data leaks in the municipal sector. Felton manages and protects many local authorities. Would you like to know how? Feel free to contact us.

The best partner for IT infrastructure management at local authorities

Felton has more than 35 years of experience in implementing and managing infrastructures and cybersecurity solutions. Not only do we supply the best IT security, we do so in combination with excellent knowledge of managing the entire IT infrastructure. Would you like to know how? Feel free to contact us.

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