Modern Workplace

What is a Modern Workplace?

Modern Workplace is based on the Office 365 platform, Azure and Hyper-V, supplemented by security and relevant company-specific applications. Modern Workplace allows your employees to collaborate in a better, more efficient and safer way.

Modern Workplace is a solution that gives you access to your Windows applications and desktops anywhere you want. You can quickly scale up to meet changing business requirements and to secure confidential business resources with a solution for desktop and application virtualisation. Felton offers various Modern Workplace concepts, varying from Remote Desktop Services of the Felton Secure Private Cloud to VDI workstations in the Azure Cloud. A moderne werkplek contributes to more productivity, improved security and a more efficient collaboration within your organization.

A few examples of Modern Workplace:

  • Choice between various implementation models to meet your specific wishes: Felton Private Cloud, on-premise or in Azure.
  • Provides Windows applications on any device: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
  • Can be scaled up to meet the dynamic requirements of your company by providing applications from the Azure cloud.
  • Offers a rich experience for external users, comparable to that of applications on a local PC.
  • Maintains data compliance by not saving confidential business resources on user devices.

Switch to Felton’s Moderne Workplace

Modern Workplace is hosted on the Felton Private Cloud, which is built on Dutch TIER3 twin data centres that meet the strictest security requirements, as a result of which security, continuity and availability are guaranteed. By combining with our cloud and/or co-location services, we ensure that you are no longer bound by your own infrastructure and we offer complete mobile and scalable Modern Workplace concepts.

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